18/3 - 18/4 2004

The show "What a curious feeling" in By the way - gallery for contemporary art, Bergen (Norway).
The installation was shown at By the Way Gallery. The gallery consist of five large display windows on a busy crossing in central Bergen.

In the display windows, fragments of a typical Norwegian home are portrayed. At a second glance the objects don’t behave as we are used to. They give the impression of slowly moving towards the corner of the building, where the objects fly around in frenzy, desperately trying to get out. In one window a globe slowly spins, and the cigarette butts in the ashtray accumulates into a small sculpture. Some of the objects are merely cutouts from photographs, glued onto the wall - creating an illusion of reality.

At night the lit lamps and the light from the globe suggest the feeling of an apparently cozy and secure home.